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Established April 2017 by President and Co-Founder Elise Reyes-Hollis

Reyes Innovations is a Family Owned Business producing American Made products. 

Taking a longtime hobby and combining it with a holographic background, HOLOSHOTZ was born.  

When our holographic shooting target is shot, a clear reflective halo is produced instantly!

Easily Visible to the shooter at any range. WEATHERPROOF and GREAT for outdoor shooting activities. 



They were absolutely great!! The fact that you could see where you hit in dim lighting and well lit areas was great. There's so many different designs and kinds for beginners and experienced shooters - it really made my experience delightful on the range!

Gabby V

I'm a new shooter so it's important to see where the bullet is hitting. Unlike the regular targets.. with Holoshotz I was able to instantly see my shot!! These targets are amazing, what a great Idea!!

Julie B

Wow this is genius!

Dan R

I'm obsessed with all these products!

Marisa C